Simple and beautiful headshot photography.
100 milliseconds, that's all it takes to decide what you think about someone.
We shouldn't be judged by our looks, but we can't avoid it. Our ancestor's lives depended on a split second decision, "can I trust this bearded caveman, covering his body with a tiger skin?"
We are wired to make a quick judgement, it's evolution. Head-hunters, recruiters and casting directors, look at your photo, before starting to read your profile. 
Can you chance it?
A Headshot Day!
After I got my first tattoo, I've been planning on getting a second one, but I have chickened-out of it, mainly because I can't find the right tatto artist. My first tattoo was made by someone a friend recommended, and he was also recommended to him by someone else. It's a normal tattoo, I like it, but it's not the best tattoo in the world! 
I've worked with actors and models who stuck to their old headshots for a similar reason, than why I haven't gotten a second tattoo. There is nothing wrong with their current headshots but they know that they could be better. It's easier said than done, finding a new headshot photographer can be daunting, time consuming and a bit scary. Yes! scary! For an unknown actor, their headshot is their presentation card, not getting this right could be the difference between getting a casting call, or moving you to the bottom of the pile!
A headshot day is a great opportunity to get your headshot updated, quickly, and to know a new photographer (me 😎)
What will you get?

- We'll work together for around 45 minutes to make the best headshot you've ever had! I work very quickly, so this should be enough time to squeeze in a couple of different looks/clothes.

- You'll get 4 fully edited headshots in colour and black & white, in full and web resolution to use in any way you want. (No water marks, it's your headshots, you can do with it whatever you want!)

How much is this?

A headshot day is THE most affordable way that you have to get your professional headshots done by a professional. 
You will only pay £150 for your slot, that's it! The only requirement is that there must be at least 4 people in a headshot day and a maximum of 6.

"I'm not photogenic"

Let me prove you wrong, whatever experience you've had in the past with a headshot, a portrait or another photographer, leave it behind. Let's work together and I can guarantee you 100% that we will make the best headshot that you've ever had...

if you don't like it... I'll give you your money back.
Who Are you?
I'm Felix, I'm a London based portrait photographer. You can read more about me and see my portfolio on my website.
Book a slot today!
I'm very easy to be found, I'm @lybero on all social networks, we can chat if you send me a direct message if you want to ask me any questions, or if you want to organise a Headshot day. There is also a form below, if you prefer it. It's directly connected to my email, so you'll get a quick answer.
Thank you!